Sue Bonzell

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Sonoma County Section on Aging
presentation, Santa Rosa, California

Your Good Health Is Right at Your Fingertips! Do you have clients and patients who are experiencing loss of clarity and focus? Do you know someone who has feelings of loss and who often feels isolated? Both of those groups may also be experiencing low self-worth, low self-esteem and loss of vitality and productivity.  All of these challenges can be proactively dealt with! By learning and doing simple self-help acupressure techniques we can re-pattern the body’s way of being and reacting.


Education Consultants Presentation

Our children need to have ways in which they can better deal with the stress that is so prevalent in our world.  Deborah presents a self-help acupressure technique that is easy to learn, easy to do and easy to remember to do because the benefits are noticeable. Reducing stress, increasing attention span, increasing clarity and focus, balancing emotions, increasing self-esteem and mindfulness – all of that is possible when we balance our energy. Children of all ages can realize these benefits when they watch and do the nine steps of the animated video of the Daily Clean Your House Flow, an easy self-help acupressure flow.


Discover how happy and healthy your body can be!

This 3-minute video will give you an opportunity to see snapshots of a private session with one of Deborah’s clients. You will see how gentle her work is. And you will hear the conversation between Deborah and her client that will give you insights as to why her work is all about healing, prevention, maintenance and well-being – allowing health to always be at your fingertips.


Partners4Leads, Business Networking Presentation

Most people are searching for increased clarity and focus in their work lives. Learning easy self-help acupressure can help us discover expanded reservoirs that we can count on to increase our productivity. And we can help those physical symptoms (like neck and shoulder tightness) move out of the way so we can more easily accomplish our goals and objectives.


Discover how you can have health at YOUR fingertips

To get going on your path to balance and harmony connect with Deborah about upcoming workshops. Or create a custom workshop for your workplace or organization.


Workplace Wellness Consultants Presentation

Many companies are searching for ways to improve the workplace experience for their employees. Bring a self-help acupressure workshop to your business and realize lasting benefits. Build stronger teams, foster higher levels of clarity and creative problem solving, and improve physical performance by learning how to reduce the symptoms of stress and break free of old patterns. It’s a win-win for both the employer and the employees when Deborah Myers Wellness programs are part of the plan.



Click here to view the entire Daily Clean Your House Flow animated video.

And watch it whenever you want to during this COVID-19 crisis.